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Using A Chiropractor To Remedy A Neck Injury

When neck pain arises due to an injury, there is a need to obtain proper treatment so the discomfort you experience subsides. Many people seek treatment for neck injuries via their regular medical practitioners. Going to a chiropractor, however, is another option. Here are the actions a chiropractor takes to eliminate neck pain when it becomes too difficult to go about your daily routine.

A Complete Assessment Is Conducted

Before a chiropractor gets to work on your neck in detail, they first assess the extent of your pain and discomfort. You will be asked several questions about your injury to determine exactly which portion of your body is in need of treatment to reduce the symptoms you are suffering from. The chiropractor will likely touch your neck in several locations to determine which part is injured. The information gathered from the assessment is used to help tailor a treatment plan.

Spinal Manipulation Is Likely

The spine includes vertebrae that reach your neck area. When a chiropractor conducts a spinal adjustment, joint pain is often alleviated in different parts of the body. The upper part of your spine may require manipulation to reduce pressure placed on the joints of the vertebrae. This usually causes discomfort in the neck to subside quickly. You may however need additional manipulation sessions to completely reduce all pressure in the neck area. 

Massage Can Help To Reduce Pain

After a spinal adjustment is conducted, your chiropractor may recommend gentle massage of the neck muscles to help with the elimination of pressure in the body. This is done in the comfort of your chiropractor's office. If at any time you feel additional pain, be sure to let your practitioner know so they can work on a different area of the neck instead.

Electric Stimulation Helps With Discomfort

Small electrodes hooked up to wires that run to a stimulation machine are often used in tandem with massage sessions. This machine provides gentle electrical currents through the wires to pads that the chiropractor places on areas of your neck in need of treatment. The stimulation provided by the machine helps to strengthen muscles. This procedure is often needed for several sessions. The strengthening process helps with the reduction of pain.

Physical Therapy Or Lifestyle Changes May Be Recommended

Some chiropractic offices provide physical therapy services onsite, while others provide recommendations for physical therapists in your area. Routine movements of your neck help in the healing process. If the injury was caused by improper ergonomic practices or the overuse of a cell phone, tablet, or laptop, your practitioner will make recommendations on how you can alter your habits to avoid future injuries.