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4 Advantages Of Compounded Pet Medication

Veterinarians help pet owners keep their animals healthy and vibrant through regular checkups. Over time, pets may develop health conditions, especially as they grow older. Medication can be used to treat infections, manage chronic conditions, and relieve pain. However, medicating animals can pose some unique challenges. 

Veterinary compounding pharmacies can create custom medications for pets using FDA-approved ingredients. Your veterinarian can write you a prescription for a compounded pet medication if commercially available drugs cannot provide the necessary benefits for your animal. The following are some advantages of using compounded medications for pets:

1. Compounded medications can help you administer fewer drugs to your pet.

Administering medication to a pet can be a trial, especially when your animal is hesitant to take medication. Certain types of medication may also be difficult to administer, such as drugs that must be injected into a pet's body. Compounding pharmacies can reduce the burden on pet owners by combining veterinary medications that are safe to mix together. Administering a single injection is typically easier than administering to or more. Compounded medications consisting of multiple drugs can relieve the stress of pets and their owners.

2. Compounded medications can be more palatable to pets.

Giving medication to pets poses some logistical issues. Pets can't be reasoned with, so it's best to make their medication as palatable as possible. Compounding pharmacies can add flavoring to liquid medications to make them taste better to animals. Medications can also be formulated as chewable pastes whose textures pets can enjoy. Giving your pet flavored medication can reduce the struggle that comes with trying to feed pills to animals.

3. Compounded medications may come in forms that are easier to administer to animals.

Sometimes, pets are unwilling to consume medication no matter what it tastes like. In these cases, transdermal drugs may be a better option. Compounding pharmacies may be able to create transdermal lotions and creams from drugs that are only available commercially in tablet form. Many pets will tolerate having medicine rubbed into their skin, even if they're unwilling to ingest the medication.

4. Compounded medications can be made in a variety of strengths.

Since pets come in many sizes, they may sometimes need non-standard doses of common medications. Compounding pharmacies can create suspensions of pet medications that are weaker or stronger than normal. This will ensure that you're able to treat your pet's health condition effectively and with as few side effects as possible.