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Double Chin? Visit A Med Spa

Are you tired of looking in the mirror, only to see two chins looking back? Extra fat under your chin, often known as a double chin, can be quite an annoyance. Since double chins are usually comprised not only of fat but also of excess skin, they can be difficult or impossible to get rid of via diet and exercise alone. However, that does not necessarily mean you need to see a plastic surgeon to get a resolution. Relief can be had at your local med spa, thanks to the following treatments.

Deoxycholic Acid Injections

Deoxycholic acid is a substance that encourages your body to break down fat. If the substance is injected into a specific area, then you can expect fat to leave that area in the weeks and months following the injections. There are a few different brands that offer injections using deoxycholic acid as the primary ingredient, and these injections are available at most medical spas. The substance is FDA-approved and safe for most patients. You won't get instant results if you choose to have deoxycholic acid injected into your double chin, but the results can be pretty dramatic if you're willing to wait.

While the injections themselves may pinch a little, and you may have some soreness beneath your skin for a day or two post-treatment, these injections are far less invasive than surgery.

Cooling Treatments

Another way to reduce the appearance of your double chin is to have cooling treatments performed. These treatments specifically target the fat cells beneath your skin, causing them to release their fat. The other tissues, such as muscle tissue and skin tissue, are not harmed by the cooling treatment. This treatment is performed with a simple wand that your practitioner will hold against your skin. Since the chin is a small area, treatment won't take long, and can probably be completed during your lunch hour.

While the treatment area may feel chilled and a little strange, the process won't be painful. You'll notice your double chin become less pronounced over the weeks that follow. You can have additional follow-up treatments, if needed, to get more profound results.

If you have a double chin, you don't have to choose between surgery and living with it. At your local med spa, less invasive treatments are available. Try the injections or cooling treatments described above, and chances are, you'll soon be more pleased with your reflection. Contact a company like Regenesis MD for more information.