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5 Myths And Misconceptions About Botox Injections

You may have heard about Botox and its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles without surgery. Botox has some medical uses as well. However, you may also have heard some myths or misconceptions about this procedure. These myths are pervasive and may unnecessarily discourage you from getting the procedure. Here are some common myths and counter-myths about Botox to clear up misconceptions about the procedure.

Myth #1: Botox Is Dangerous

Most people know botulism is a dangerous toxin in certain circumstances. For example, improperly canned food can cause life-threatening botulism poisoning. However, Botox injections are purified and diluted to greatly reduce toxicity. Plus, they are administered right into the muscle rather than into the bloodstream. However, Botox could be a problem if you are allergic to any ingredient in the injection.

Myth #2: Botox Freezes Your Face

This is a popular myth often parodied in television shows or comedy clubs. However, when properly done, Botox will not freeze up your face. Usually, the amount used is low and only affects the area around the injection site. Problems happen when practitioners inject too much Botox and in too many places.

Myth #3: Botox Makes Wrinkles Worse

Botox is not permanent and will wear off over time. So, you could see wrinkles reappear within about three months. However, your wrinkles shouldn't be any worse than they were before. Plus, the injections are not addictive. If you don't want to do the procedure again, you won't go into withdrawal.

Myth #4: Botox Works Instantly

If you are using Botox for wrinkles, it may take a few days before you see a noticeable result. You may feel the effect on your muscles immediately, but the full results won't happen right away. In addition, you may not see a complete reduction of certain types of wrinkles. For example, it may not reduce etched-in wrinkles. However, it can help prevent and reduce future wrinkles in young people.

Myth #5: Botox Is Only For Wrinkles

The FDA has approved Botox for certain medical uses like migraines. Botox is also an approved treatment for certain muscle spasms like eye fluttering and face twitching. Some doctors even use it for excessive sweating and overactive bladder.

Like any medical procedure, Botox injections can have complications in some cases. That's why you must have the procedure done by an experienced professional. Results can vary between individuals. You will respond uniquely to the treatment. If you want to know more about Botox injections for either cosmetic or medical reasons, contact a local clinic, like Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC.