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4 Main Services Provided Through Home Care

If you have a relative with special needs, they can be cared for at home through home care. The service covers the elderly, chronically ill persons, or the disabled. Caregivers, such as nurses, therapists, and aides, provide professional support services to enable your loved one to live safely and independently in their home.

Here are four main services that are provided through in-home care services:

1. Help With Daily Activities

When someone is aged, disabled, or chronically ill, they significantly lose their independence. Two-thirds of seniors constantly need help doing daily activities. Due to physical or mental incapacitation, the aged can't cook, bathe, dress, or walk around. In some other cases, their conditions might be so severe that they may need help with feeding and toileting.

2. Companionship

Companionship is essential for the aged, chronically ill, or disabled persons. When one is going through adverse life events, it is normal for them to feel isolated. Companionship for seniors is important as it promotes better physical and mental health.

Since relatives might be too busy to provide the much-needed company, home care becomes the only option. The aged, chronically ill, and disabled also require social engagements. The human brain thrives on stimulation and social activities and withers without them.

3. Therapy and Rehabilitative Services

The two services are provided by professional nurses. The nurses work closely with the patient's physician to ensure that one regains their highest level of independence. Home care therapy takes various forms, including speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

If your elderly, chronically ill, or disabled relative has mobility issues, physical therapy will be essential. They may also need occupational therapy to regain their ability to complete daily tasks, such as cooking, toileting, grooming, bathing, and housekeeping. A speech therapist may also help your loved one improve their verbal, orientation, problem-solving, and memory skills.

4. Short or Long-Term Medical Care

This service takes the form of nursing care services and home health care services. It is designed for persons with specific health conditions who require regular specialized care. In most instances, a private duty nurse will work under the doctor's instructions to administer medications and provide other services, such as ventilator care, catheter care, gastrostomy care, feeding tube care, and monitoring of vital signs.

Home care is the main key for your aged, chronically ill, or disabled relative to achieve the highest quality of life possible. The service improves your loved one's security, safety, and independence. More importantly, it enhances your peace of mind.

Contact a local home care service to learn more about your service options.