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Why Respirator Fit Testing Shouldn't Be Skipped In Your Factory

At least once a year, it is important to have respirator fit testing done to ensure that all of your employees wear properly fitting face masks when they are on the job. If you're wondering why this testing is so important, consider these essential reasons why respirator fit testing is not something that should be skipped in your facility.

Respirator Fit Might Be a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Some people think that respirator fit testing isn't really necessary. After all, you might assume that all of your employees already wear masks that fit them properly while they are on the job, particularly if you have had respirator fit testing done in the past. However, getting the proper fit might be a bigger problem than you think. New employees who might have come on board at your company since the last test might not be wearing masks that fit them as they are supposed to. Employees who have gained or lost a lot of weight might need to wear a different size mask than what they required in the past. Your business might catch a surprising number of issues when performing testing.

It's Important to Keep Employees Safe

Employee safety is of the utmost importance. Depending on the type of environment that your employees are working in and the type of work that they do, wearing a good-quality and properly fitting mask can be very important. With regular respirator fit testing, you can help make sure that your employees are kept safe while they are on the job.

Testing Helps Your Business Stay Compliant

OSHA and other safety organizations have strict rules in place to help keep workers safe. As you might already know, if your business is not compliant with these safety rules and guidelines, you could face major fines and other serious issues. Your business might be required to perform respirator fit testing with a certain frequency, and you might be required to otherwise ensure that your employees always wear proper masks while they are at work. Consider contacting a company that performs respirator fit testing to find out more about these requirements and how your business can abide by them.

If you work in a factory setting, then you should be aware of the importance of respirator fit testing. Luckily, there are firms out there that will help you with this testing so that you can prevent problems.