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Suffering From Depression? Surprising Things That May Help

When you struggle with depression, also commonly referred to as major depressive disorder, you may find yourself looking for a variety of solutions to help you deal with the issues that come along with depression. Antidepressant medications can help quite a bit for some people, but even if they work, they are not a cure-all for major depressive disorder. Most doctors and therapists alike recommend taking a multipronged approach to dealing with depression. However, you may not be sure of what ways you may want to deal with and treat your depression. Get to know some of the many surprising things that may help you with your depression. Then, you can give some or all of them a try as soon as possible. 


There are numerous alternative medicine treatments that can help you deal with your depression. One such "treatment" is actually a practice often associated with spirituality and religion. This practice is meditation. While meditation is considered a spiritual practice, it does not have to be tied to any type of deity. 

Meditation in and of itself is a mindfulness practice. It means that you focus on a specific phrase, thought, word, or even object, and engage in deep breathing techniques. The idea is to calm the mind and focus on something positive. 

Oftentimes, when you suffer from depression you have ruminations and negative thoughts that plague you. Meditating can help to counteract that. You will work to consciously clear your mind, banish negative thoughts, and replace that negativity with something positive. Practicing meditation every day can improve and even help to get rid of depressive episodes over time. 

Medical Marijuana

Another treatment option you might not have thought of for depression is medical marijuana. While medical marijuana is still a relatively new treatment option, it can be quite effective when you are struggling with your mental health. 

Marijuana contains chemical compounds that can have a strong impact on emotions and mood stabilization. Both of these effects can greatly benefit a person that is struggling with severe depression. Most of the research indicating these effects have been performed on animals. However, many people with depression swear by the benefits of medical marijuana. Additionally, more medical cannabis doctors are prescribing medical marijuana for depression and other mental health conditions. 

Knowing these surprising treatment options for severe depression, it is time to give one or both of these treatments a try as soon as possible.