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Seeing A New Gynecologist Or OB/GYN: Being Comfortable

If you've changed your residence to another town or state, you have the opportunity to find a new gynecologist or OB/GYN. Being comfortable with them is vital to your own gynecological health. With these tips, your visits to a new doctor should work out well.

1-Seek Solo Practitioners

Many women have gynecologists that operate in a group with other physicians. This can work fine, but if you were uncomfortable with seeing a number of different people about your health, you might now seek out an OB/GYN who operates a solo practice. This may help you to form a more confidential relationship.

2-Know Your Body and Ask Relevant Questions

Your past discomfort with different gynecologists may have been that you weren't ever sure what they were doing. You may be vaguely aware of testing, but you may not even know your own body well enough to feel as if you were asking the right questions. This time, as you look for new OB/GYN specialists, take the time to read up on female anatomy; this will make you a more informed partner in the treatment of your own health. If you have questions about medications or treatments, bring that to the first visit with a new gynecologist to get a feel for whether they communicate with you in a manner that puts you at ease.

3-Be Honest

It's never easy divulging personal information to a new person, even if that is a doctor. However, the most forthcoming and candid you are with details about your life and behavior, the better they can assist you. Knowing your sexual history, for example, will help them screen you for certain conditions or monitor your body differently than if you don't give them any information at all.

4-Keep a Health Journal

During your search, and even after you've found a good gynecologist, remember to track your moods and physical condition. This is essential for sexually active people especially, because some health issues could come as a surprise because symptoms are easily overlooked. Share anything out of the ordinary so that your doctor can check accordingly. A journal is especially helpful because it's easy to forget every little ache or twinge.

With this guidance, your relationship with a new OB/GYN can be better than in the past. You may consult a few of these physicians in your new city or town before deciding on the one you feel is most compatible with you. For more information, check out a website like http://www.billingsclinic.com.