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Just One More Store: How To Care For Your Feet During The Mad Holiday Shopping Rush

The holidays tend to be synonymous with sore feet. With all the walking you do around malls, trying to find the perfect gifts, it's no wonder your feet hurt at the end of the day. They're bearing the brunt of your shopping frenzy. Unfortunately, if your feet hurt, you slow down, which makes you feel the need to rush even more. It becomes a never-ending cycle of foot pain. Don't take your feet for granted this holiday season. Here are four essential steps you need to take to avoid foot pain.

Wear Proper Shoes

If you're going to be walking around the mall all day, you've got to wear the proper shoes. It's not enough to have them match your outfit; they've got to match your feet and your walking style. If you've never had your foot professionally sized, stop by the shoe department and have your foot measured, including the width and arch type. Once you know the size, width, and arch type of your feet, you'll be able to choose the proper walking shoe. With the proper shoe, you'll be able to walk all day without pain.

Take Frequent Breaks

You may be able to walk all day, but you should still take some breaks. In your mad-dash to get your holiday shopping done, don't forget to sit down and take a break from time to time. In fact, let your feet do the talking when it comes to breaks. As soon as you feel the first hint of foot pain – such as that first dull ache – sit down and take a break. Give your feet the opportunity to rest. In fact, if the mall has a massage station or spa, use that time to get a foot massage or pedicure.

Monitor Your Feet

While you're busy doing your holiday shopping, you may develop sores on your feet, such as blisters. Don't ignore them. Be sure you monitor your feet on a daily basis. Before you go to bed each night, take a good look at your feet, especially the heels and between your toes. If you're developing painful spots that aren't going away or sores that aren't healing properly, you could have an underlying issue that will need attention.

See Your Podiatrist

You need your feet. If your daily inspections have revealed some problem areas, you've got to sit down with your podiatry doctor. Foot sores and pain should not be ignored, overlooked, or brushed aside. At the first sign of foot trouble, schedule an appointment with your podiatrist.