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How To Care For Your Elderly Parents When You Live Far Away

Do you live far away from your parents? If they are elderly, you are probably trying to formulate a plan that will ensure your parents are well taken care of. From having friends check on your parents to finding an assisted living facility, here are some ideas that might help you.

Go Beyond The Obvious - You may already know friends and neighbors who care for your parents. That's great, but there's more you can do.

For example, select one or two friends who will be willing to be in daily contact with your parents. At the very end of the day, your mother or father could call a specific person to let him or her that all is well. If that person doesn't get the call, that will alert him or her to check on your parents, making sure that they are okay.

Even though your parents have probably already listed you on the Contact In Case Of Emergency form at their doctor's offices, think of contacting their doctors and introducing yourself. Ask each of the doctors to have his or her nurse contact you when there is something significant to report.

Be sure to have a security system in place at your parent's home. Make sure the service has your contact information in case there is an emergency.

Provide Extra Care - It may be that you have realized the time has arrived for your parents to receive professional care.

Consider hiring a professional caregiver who will visit your parents every day. He or she can help with things like meals and medications. In addition, the caregiver will simply pass enjoyable time with your parents. For example, if your mother loves board games, the caregiver might make that part of the daily routine. If your father enjoys a morning walk, the caregiver may be happy to walk with him.

Perhaps you have come to the realization that it is time for your parents to live in an assisted living facility. If that is the case, don't fret! Assisted living facilities focus completely on making sure their residents are comfortable, safe, and happy. Your parents will be surrounded by caring people. The frosting on the cake is that they will be with other senior citizens who will become their friends. You can learn more at http://graceseniorcommunity.com/.

Be sure to keep the lines of communication with your parents open. Ask them to be frank about the things they need or want so that you can work to make those things come to pass.