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Have A Child With Lice? Make Sure To Use These Rules Until The Lice Are Gone

When your child comes home from school complaining of an itchy or irritated scalp, it's time to get a comb and begin looking for lice. Upon making this discovery, which affects many school-aged children, you can successfully treat the lice with a highly specialized shampoo that you can get at your local pharmacy. Your child may need multiple treatments before the lice are completely gone, so it's a good idea to make some rules that will prevent the lice from spreading to the heads of your other children. Talk to your child about the importance of following these rules.

No Sharing Anything Head-Related With Siblings

One of the best ways to avoid the spread of lice is to ensure that your child doesn't share anything related to the head with his or her siblings. This means that your child shouldn't lend his or her siblings a hat, nor should the siblings give the child with lice their hats to wear. Hats aren't the only thing that shouldn't be shared. If you have daughters, make sure that they aren't sharing head accessories such as hair clips and hair bands. You should also make sure that your children aren't sharing devices such as headphones; it's easy for the lice to crawl onto the headphones and get spread in this manner.

No Cuddling

When you have young children, they'll often enjoy cuddling with each other — perhaps getting into bed or lying on the couch to read a book together. As much as doing so might be enjoyable, make sure that this activity is curtailed until your child is free of lice. Cuddling creates too much of a risk of the lice spreading, as the lice can easily crawl from one child's head to the other child's head when the kids are close together. Even when not cuddling, your children should stay out of each other's beds until the lice are gone, too.

No Swapping Towels

Whether your children are in the bathroom or around the backyard pool, you must make sure that each child has his or her own towel to use. Lice on your child's head can quickly get wrapped up in a towel upon the child drying his or her hair and then spread to the heads of your other children if they use the same towel. Additionally, you'll want to put any towels that your child uses through the laundry after each use.

For more lice removal tips, contact your child's doctor.