Wheelchairs: Mobility Options for You

Need To Purchase A Power Chair? 2 Tips On Choosing The Right One

If your doctor has told you that you need to purchase a power chair it is not as simple as purchasing the first one you see. This is because there are many things that you must consider to ensure it will work best for you. Below are two of these things so you can choose the right one.

Electric of Gas

You have the choice of choosing between an electric power chair or a gas power chair. An electric power chair has a battery much like a car battery. You will have the expense of changing the battery when it becomes dead but this type of chair can be more convenient when compared to a gas-powered power chair and is the most popular.

A gas power chair may be more dependable as you will not have to worry about a battery. The only thing you need to make sure of is there is gas in the gas tank.  If you keep the gas tank full, the power chair will run at the same speed. Once the gas becomes lower the chair will slow down a little as you are driving it.

Front, Rear, or Center Wheel Drive

Something else you must consider is if you want front, rear or center wheel drive. Front wheel drive power chairs are very stable and works great when driven over uneven terrain, as well as off road. One thing to consider is you must be careful when you are turning the chair. This is because most of the chair's body is in the back of the seat. A front wheel power chair is also slower when compared to a rear wheel drive chair.

Rear wheel drive power chairs are more stable when compared to a front rear drive and can drive at faster speeds. They can easily go up a steep hill as well as over gravel or a bumpy sidewalk or road. One thing to consider is this chair will tip when being driven up steep hills.

There are also power chairs that have a center wheel drive. With this type, you will be the center of the gravity while sitting in the chair and even with the center of the front wheels. This works great if you have to maneuver small spaces as it has a shorter turning radius. One disadvantage of this type of power chair is it can get stuck if being driven on uneven terrain, such as if being driving up or down curbs.

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