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How Your Emotions Affect Your Physical Health

Physical health problems have a variety of causes, but did you also know that they can also be caused by emotional problems? Many people don't know this, but being sad, happy, stressed, or anxious can make you ill or help you combat a disease. Here are four examples of physical problems associated with different emotions:

Back Problems

Your mood can have a great effect on your posture, and your posture has a big influence on your physical health. For example, if you are sad and depressed, you are likely to adopt a slumped position when sitting or standing. Unfortunately, this posture isn't good for your back and neck. It can result in neck and back pain by placing too much stress on the affected muscles. It is not uncommon for those who regularly sit in slumped positions to complain of chronic back pain.

Cardiovascular Problems

Your emotions may also affect your heart rate, and your heart rate has an influence on the health of your circulatory system. For example, your heart rate increases if you are stressed. The increased heart rate is the body's way of dealing with the stress trigger; it pumps more blood so that the body can have adequate strength to flee or fight.

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with chronic stress, your heart rate will also be chronically high. This increases your risk of a heart attack plus a host of other circulatory problems.

Nutritional Problems

Most people don't eat the same way or the same food when sad, happy, or stressed. For example, some people resort to sweets, candies or chocolate when stressed. Unfortunately, sigh sugar diet isn't good for the body; apart from the increased risk of dental decay it brings, too much sugar can also trigger obesity and heart disease. There are also those who eat too little when happy or sad, which can lead to a compromised immune system.

Sexual Problems

Lastly, your emotions can also cause sexual problems in your life. For example, stress and anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Another example is the inability to become sexually aroused and lubricated, which tends to affect women dealing with anxiety issues.

Considering all these examples, it is clear that your emotional state of mind has a big influence on your physical health. Thus, if you are physically ill, you should explore the possibility that your problems may have emotional origins. Consult an ayurvedic practitioner to help you diagnose and manage these issues.