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Whiplash After A Collision: Things To Know

Did your neck quickly jerk forward and backwards after your vehicle was rear-ended in a collision? If your neck now feels stiff and hard to move, you might want to find out if a condition called whiplash is the cause. Although sometimes whiplash can heal on its own, it is in your best interest to get treated for severe symptoms. In this article, you will discover helpful information in regards to whiplash.

How Is a Rear-End Collision Related to Whiplash?

When your vehicle was struck, whiplash was cause from the sudden and forceful movement of your neck. Basically, the movement caused your cervical spine to get damaged. The cervical spine is in your neck and has multiple parts that include muscles, joints, ligaments and discs. One or multiple of the parts may have been injured when your neck vigorously jerked.

What Are Symptoms That Can Develop?

Whiplash can cause your neck to experience a lot of pain. In a severe case, the pain might not go away. You can also experience stiffness in your arms and shoulders, which can make it difficult to perform certain daily activities. Dizziness and blurred vision are other symptoms of whiplash.

When Is Whiplash Considered Severe?

Whiplash is considered severe when the symptoms do not go away. The symptoms can actually become worse and might require surgery. For instance, if any of your discs are badly injured, you might have to undergo surgery. A herniated disc can cause pain that is difficult to cope with. Fractured joints on the cervical spine might also require surgery being done before you will feel better.

How Can Whiplash Be Treated without Surgery?

Going to a chiropractor is the best way to treat whiplash if surgery is not necessary. A chiropractor can relieve pain by massaging the problematic areas of your body. Massages are good for helping blood circulate and promote healing. You might have to wear a cervical collar on your neck to reduce inflammation before any treatment is done.

What Will Treatment by a Chiropractor Cost?

As a new client who might need to be examined and get an x-ray, you are estimated to pay a little over $160. However, subsequent sessions are estimated to cost a minimum of $34. The sessions might be even more affordable if you have health insurance coverage. Get in touch with a chiropractor as soon as you are ready to get treated for your whiplash symptoms. Contact a company like Citrus Chiropractic Group for more information.