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2 Tips For Getting Your Child Comfortable With Wearing Their Scoliosis Brace To School

The spine naturally has a subtle curve; however' scoliosis causes extreme curvature in the spine. This can lead to a number of medical issues if it is not caught and slowed early on. Scoliosis is commonly diagnosed in children while they are still growing. If your child has scoliosis and is still growing, then the curve can progress further. Therefore, doctor's will often recommend a scoliosis brace for your child. Bracing works when it is worn throughout the entire day. This can be challenging for a child to wear to school, especially if they are the only one in their school with a scoliosis brace. The brace can make them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in their own skin. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to make them more comfortable with wearing their brace to school.

Start by Wearing it Outside of School

If your child is assigned a brace during the school year, then it can be difficult to feel the desire to immediately want to wear the brace to school. Instead, they need to feel comfortable with wearing the brace outside of school. This will allow them to build up the confidence that they need to wear the brace to school. If your child gets their brace during summer vacation, then they should spend the summer wearing the brace as much as possible.

Set Short-term Goals for Your Child

Wearing a scoliosis brace can be overwhelming for young children. The brace has a long-term goal that is difficult for many children to see. If you tell your child that they will have to wear the brace for the next few years, then this can discourage them if they are just starting out. Instead, lead with short-term goals. Short-term goals are easier for them to digest at a young age and will encourage them to wear it more often. For example, you can encourage them to wear the brace at night for an entire week. if they meet this goal, then you can celebrate with a reward. This will encourage them to wear the brace for more hours in the day, many of which will include school.

Wearing a scoliosis brace can be mentally and emotionally strenuous for your child. Dealing with body image issues at a young age can deter them from wearing the brace to school. Therefore, use these tips to help make the process easier.

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