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2 Herbal Cleansing Rinses For Keeping A Wound Clean After A Mole Removal Procedure

Moles are typically removed using an excision or shaving method. These methods will usually cause some scarring once the surgical wound has fully healed. How deep your surgical site is depends on how deep and big the mole is. Deeper surgical sites can easily get infected if they are not taken care of properly. During the healing process, it is important to keep your wound clean until it is able to heal.  Wounds that are left unkempt can become infected and cause more damage to your skin. While something as simple as water can help to cleanse the wound, there are additional herbal cleansing rinses that you should use to prevent infection after mole removal surgery.

Peppermint Cleansing Rinse

Peppermint is typically used to clean open wounds and stymie bacteria infection because it contains antibacterial properties. The herb can be applied to the wound in oil form or it can be turned into a cleansing rinse using fresh peppermint. In order to create a peppermint rinse, soak a handful of the herb in a small pot of hot water. Allow the herb to soak for several hours before straining. Apply this rinse to your open wound in the morning and at night in order to cleanse the wound and remove any contaminants. Always bandage the area once you have finished cleaning it. If you choose to use peppermint oil, then you can dilute it with a few spoonfuls of water before using it to cleanse the wound.

Neem Cleansing Rinse

Neem is another antibacterial herb that is frequently used in skin care in order to treat skin issues such as acne and eczema. When used as a cleanser, neem helps to promote healing in fresh wounds and fights off bacterial infections. A simple neem rinse can be created by adding a few drops of neem oil to a cup of warm water. Apply the mixture to your open wound and use a cloth to pat around the area. Repeat this process several times throughout the day to ensure that the wound remains infection free. Applying neem oil directly to the wound before bandaging will also help to heal the wound.

Mole removal surgery is extremely effective at getting rid of large moles throughout your body. The issues tend to arise during the aftercare process. Therefore, use these cleansing rinses to ensure that your surgical wound remains clean until it properly heals.