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3 Things To Consider When Shopping For Lift Chairs

If you are taking care of an elderly parent, you are probably aware of the physical strain that moving your parent places on your back and shoulders as you lift them out of bed or help them up and down the stairs. Getting a lift chair can provide relief so that you don't have to risk personal injury while exerting yourself. Use the following considerations as you shop for a good lift chair.

The Right Material

It is important to consider your parent's habits when selecting a suitable material for their lift chair. If your parent is incontinent from time to time or is likely to spill drinks and crumbs on the chair, you might want to choose one that is vinyl or leather so that any accidents can be cleaned easily. 

Your Parent's Weight and Height

Your parent's height and weight also affect what kind of chair you should get. You need to pay particular attention to how high the back of the chair will be and how much room your parent will have. If you opt for a chair that is too narrow for your parent, the fit will be tight and more importantly, the back support might not be adequate. A chair that is too big for your elderly parent will mean that they have to push themselves to the edge of the chair before engaging the lift motor; your parent might not be strong enough to do that.

While your parent may not be well enough to go to a lot of stores with you while you shop for a chair, when you've narrowed it down to a few possibilities, you might want to have them sit down in the chairs you're considering to ensure the fit is right.

The Number of Positions A Chair Offers

One-motor chairs usually push the back part of the chair back and push the legs out at the same time, while chairs with multiple motors allow for more positions. Typically, the more motors a lift chair has, the more positions it has. This can be very helpful for your elderly parent, especially if they don't want to recline and want their legs up, for example.

Keep all the information from this article in your mind as you start shopping for a suitable lift chair for your elderly parent. Visit a retailer like Corner Home Medical to get more information about which chair may be right for your parent.