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2 Eye Issues Addressed

Problems with your eyes can result in issues that are both extraordinarily painful and inconvenient. Fortunately, if you have had the bad luck of encountering these problems, ophthalmologists have the training needed to help you find a suitable solution or treatment for your eye issues. Below are answers to two questions you might have about common eye issues.

What Should You Do For Chemical Injuries?

One of the most painful issues that your eyes can encounter is a chemical burn. There are a variety of commonly used chemicals that can cause profound damage to the sensitive tissues of the eyes. When this type of injury occurs, it is vital for you to receive medical care as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately, the commute to the eye doctor or hospital may take you a while, and as a result, you will need to flush the eyes with ample amounts of cold water to help dilute the chemical to minimize any further damage from occurring while you are waiting on treatment. Sadly, flushing the eyes will likely do little to relieve the pain that this injury causes, but your doctor will be able to administer special eye drops that can help numb the eyes and dull the pain. 

How Can You Minimize The Risk Of Damage To Eyeglasses During Athletic Events?

For individuals that wear corrective lenses, it can be difficult to safely engage in athletic events. Most sports involve a high risk of contact with another person or rapidly moving ball, and this can pose a major threat to your eyewear. Luckily, there are options to help ensure that you are able to see without risking damaging your glasses. 

One of the most common options for achieving this goal is through the use of special goggles. These goggles contain prescription lenses, but they are made from highly durable plastic, and an elastic strap is often used to hold them in place. While this type of eyewear is more expensive than traditional glasses, it is far more likely to survive your sport of choice without breaking or warping. 

Managing eye problems and having injuries treated can be essential tasks for those suffering from eye issues. By understanding what to do if your eyes suffered chemical burns or irritation and the options for corrective lenses during athletic events, making informed choices when it comes to addressing these problems should become much easier. For more information, contact an opthalmologist like Jo Johnson, M.D.