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Wraparound Sunglasses and Their Benefits

If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, you may find that bright sunlight can be hard on your field of vision. You may find that wearing sunglasses can be hard when you have problems seeing where you are going while wearing them instead of your prescription lenses. Wraparound style prescription sunglasses can help you enjoy a sunny day without worrying about your vision being compromised.

What the Sun Can Do to Your Eyes

Traditional sunglasses do help to protect your eye from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays, with some styles specifically designed to offer extremely high protection for people that are outdoors a lot. However, if your vision on your left and right side are not protected, your eyes can still sustain UV ray damage. The sun's rays not only damage the eye, it also affects the delicate skin around your eyes, often causing skin cancer in these delicate areas. Wraparound sunglasses styles can help to protect areas of sensitive skin while also providing complete protection for your vision, on both left and right sides as well.

Your Lens Prescription and Some Wraparound Styles

Before you shop for wraparound sunglasses, checking with your eye doctor about the styles that will work with your particular lens prescription is important. Some prescriptions cannot be used in wraparound sunglasses, so making sure your lens prescription is compatible can save you time. However, if your lens prescription cannot be made into wraparound sunglasses, many other styles of prescription sunglasses look great while providing you a field of protected vision while outdoors.

Swimming, Sunlight, and Improving Poor Vision

If you wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, you may have found swimming a huge challenge, especially if you wear glasses all the time. Contact lenses wearers should know that swimming while wearing your contacts can cause serious problems like eye infections. However, if you have poor vision, being able to see while swimming underwater is essential for being able to enjoy it. For these swimmers, underwater prescription goggles are the way to go. Not only can you get the protection you need from the sun, you can dive into the water and never worry as well. You can swim as though you did not need glasses or contact lenses. Again, making sure your lens prescription is compatible with goggle styles is important.

Wearing your glasses indoors while reading or cooking is one thing, but when summer comes around and you want to get out and enjoy it, glasses can become a burden. The same can also be true about contact lenses. If you wear prescription glasses or contacts, find out how you can benefit from wearing wraparound prescription sunglasses or goggles. For more informaiton, talk to a professional like Wear Eyewear.