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Caring For Your Elderly Loved Ones At Home

Senior citizens often require special care that they may not be able to handle themselves, such as administering first aid or medication or help with getting around the home or running errands. If you have a loved one who is in need of in-home care, it may seem overwhelming at times. In order to ensure they have the best care and are safe, follow these tips to make sure they can live safely and happily at home.

Avoid Trip Hazards

One of the most common injuries that elderly people deal with are trips and fall accidents. You can help minimize the risk by making sure all power cords are safely tucked away. Bundle any cords together and try to put them behind televisions or appliances. Be sure any rooms with slippery surfaces, such as the kitchen, have a secure rug or mat where they will not slip and fall. Install handrails on any stairways, particularly ones outside. You may also want to install special safety grips in the shower and tub to help them get in and out of the bathtub more easily.

Guard Medication

Since taking too much medication can be very dangerous, it's important to be sure your loved one is taking only what they are prescribed. If some medicines are only needed at certain times, take them with you and bring them by to administer yourself each day if possible. Lock any other over-the-counter medicines away and make sure they are only taking what they need, as they need it. Seniors may forget that they've already taken a dose and could take too many, so it's important to have safeguards in place to prevent this.

Make Things Easier

You can help make life a little easier for your loved one by doing simple things such as making the doorbell louder, giving them telephones with larger buttons, or putting rubber tips on their walker or cane. Small steps towards ensuring their safety can go a long way, particularly when they are alone and run the risk of being injured. You may be able to have someone do an assessment of the home to help you make changes to make it safer.

Assess Needs

Depending on the situation, you may want to consider hiring a home care service like Neighbors Home Care Services to help your loved one with daily tasks. Since most adults are working and lead busy lives, you might not always be available to help your elderly loved one. An home care helper can watch over them and make sure they are being fed and bathed properly. Make sure you hire someone you trust and who will work with you to ensure your loved one is being looked after properly.