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Invisible Braces, The Way Of The Future

As technology advances, many more options become apparent to us. This is evident in the evolution of cars, and houses, but perhaps what you didn't recognize is how for the field of orthodontics has come. Do you remember the huge clunky head gear that children had to wear to get their teeth straightened? That, combined with huge coke bottle glasses made the perfect 'geek.' It was embarrassing and uncomfortable, and that lisp of trying to talk around the metal was unmistakable. Things have moved forward however.

In recent days, having braces has become more and more common as the technology has become less and less expensive. As well, the braces have become less visible, many people opting to just have mental braces on one set of teeth to minimize the problems and the stigma associated with having them. Now, however, things have moved even farther.

Enter invisible braces. Yes, invisible braces. These braces come in two basic types, and are nearly invisible at a distances, and barely noticeable up close. 

The first type of invisible braces is a normal style of brace, but with clear parts. In normal braces, brackets are glued to your teeth, and then a wire is run through the braces connecting them all together. With this type of invisible braces, they do the same thing, except that the bracket is made out of a clear plastic instead of metal. this reduces the shine and shimmer, which is generally what people notice when you have braces. The wire is also generally thinner, which makes the braces themselves less noticeable.

the second type of invisible braces is what is known in the industry as 'Invisalign'. Invisalign is a clear plastic tray that is molded in the shape of your teeth that fits onto them. This can be worn during the day all day. Because there is no protrusion, it doesn't even look like you have braces on. The tray is molded slightly different than your teeth, which allows them to slowly shift the teeth to where they are supposed to be. Every few weeks, the dentist will give you a new tray that will give your teeth the newest conformation to sink into. This process is slower than normal braces, but it makes up for that in being less noticeable.

There you have it! Two different types of braces that are near invisible to those surrounding you. Go forth and enjoy perfect teeth! Talk to your dentist, such as Jackson Gregory W DDS Ltd, today for more information.