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How A Physical For Employees Can Save Your Company Money

Sending your employees out for a physical capacity evaluation, or just a physical as it's often called, can be a good choice before actually hiring them. It can be a good service to provide your employees on a regular basis as well. Many employers may assume that the expense is not worth the investment, but this can be a shortsighted mistake. There are many reasons to be concerned about the health of your employees; consider how these regular physicals can actually save you money over time.

1. You can better evaluate if a potential employee is capable of doing physical labor

Hiring someone to do any type of physical labor, even if it's bagging groceries, can become a problem for you if it turns out that the person has physical or health concerns of any sort. Not only might they fail to do the job, but they may sue you for compensation if they suffer an injury because of their limitations. However, sending them out for physicals before you hire them can protect you from these scenarios. If a doctor has cleared them for the physical labor for which you've hired them, you have less liability in cases of injuries or if they simply fail to do the job in the first place.

2. You can save on health insurance costs for your company

If you know that many of your employees are overweight or smoke or have any other serious risks to their health, you can save on health insurance costs for your company by implementing programs that address these problems. You might reward them with a smoking cessation program or allow a local diet center to hold meetings right in your offices. You might also give your employees discounts at a local gym. These things can save your company money on healthcare down the road.

3. You might implement procedures in the workplace to protect your employees and their health

When sending employees or potential employee out for physicals, you might get feedback that allows you to implement procedures that protect them and their health. For example, if many employees suffer from back problems, you may need to provide new seating for your office workers. If factory workers suffer from any type of repetitive stress injury, you may need to install new machinery or give them more frequent breaks in order to protect their health. This will not only keep your business operational, it will also protect you from potential lawsuits over their health problems.

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